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Access to Yamagata City from Major Airports in Japan

From Narita Airport (NRT) via Tokyo by train

It is easy to travel from Narita Airport to Yamagata City. Upon arriving at Narita Airport look for the trains marked, "Narita Express" bound for Tokyo. The train is operated by the Japanese Railway Company (JR). (See figure 1.) Change trains at Tokyo Station, following the signs for the Tohoku-Yamagata Shinkansen "Tsubasa Super Express". It takes about 3 hours via the Tsubasa Super Express to Yamagata City from Tokyo Station. Refer to figure 2 for a general map of the travel route represented by the bold red line.

If arriving at Narita Airport before 4:00 PM there is sufficient time to make the last train bound for Yamagata Station. If arriving after 4:00 PM please arrange for accommodations in Tokyo and travel to Yamagata the following day. It may be beneficial to make ticket reservations for your trip to Yamagata at the Narita Airport Terminal. The train terminal is located in the underground floors of the Narita Airport.

Travel Outline

Narita Airport ==[1 hr.]==> Tokyo ==[Tsubasa Super Express: 3 hrs.]==> Yamagata Station.

figure 1

Figure 1: Access from Narita Airport to Tokyo by Narita Express

Refer to the other page with a more detailed outline of transportation from Narita Airport to Yamagata Station.

figure 2

The red line indicates the Yamagata Shinkansen line.

Figure 2: Access from Narita Airport to Yamagata via Tokyo

Travel Details
  1. After going through customs go to the floor of the terminal building where the train platforms are located.

  2. Look for the JR ticket counter as shown in the below picture. If experiencing difficulty finding the ticket counter please ask at the information counter for the "JR Midori no mado-guchi".

  3. Purchase a ticket for Yamagata City via Tokyo Station. You will take two trains: The Narita Express from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station, then the Tsubasa Super Express from Tokyo Station to Yamagata Station.

    JR EAST Travel Service Center

    Ticket counter

    Entrance to platform

    Go to Platform 1, red sign, for The Narita Express bound for Tokyo

  4. Upon arrival at Tokyo Station look for the green Shinkansen logo as shown in the pictures below and follow the signs.

    Look for this sign

    Shinkansen Logo, Super-Express Train

  5. Make your way to the main floor. Keep following the Shinkansen signs. The main floor of the station features many stores and restaurants as shown below.

    Main Floor of Tokyo Station.

    Near the Shinkansen entrance.

  6. Find the Tohoku Yamagata Shinkansen gate as shown in the picture below.
    Note: Do not follow the blue sign, this is for a different express train.

    Shinkansen Entrance

    Green Entrance, insert all train tickets

  7. Check the digital displays for "Tsubasa Shinkansen". The Tsubasa which is a purple and reddish orange color (there are also a few green and silver Tsubasa) is coupled with the Yamabiko Shinkansen. The Tsubasa separates from the Yamabiko and goes on to Yamagata. So, be sure to confirm that you get on the correct train. If in doubt, please ask a train station attendant.

    Platforms numbers 20 to 23 are for the Yamagata Shinkansen

    The Tsubasa is listed in orange on the digital displays

  8. Yamagata Station is not always the final stop so be sure to listen to the announcements and get off the train once you arrive at Yamagata Station. It takes about 3 hours from Tokyo Station to Yamagata Station.

From Haneda Airport (HND)

Via Tokyo by train
Travel Outline

Haneda ==[Monorail: 14 mins.]==> Hamamatsu-cho St. ==[Local: 6 mins.]==> Tokyo St. ==[Tsubasa Super Express Train: 3 hrs.]==> Yamagata St.

If your flight arrives at Haneda Airport before 5:00 PM, it will be possible to travel to Yamagata on that same day. Figure 3 shows the times and fares to major stations from Haneda Airport. Figure 4 shows the route map from Haneda Airport to Tokyo Station. After arriving at Haneda Airport, find the Tokyo Monorail line to Hamamatsu-cho Station. Change to Yamanote line at Hamamatsu-cho for Tokyo Station. The Yamanote line is operated by JR. After arriving at Tokyo Station, look for the Tohoku/Yamagata Shinkansen train named "Tsubasa Super Express" operated by JR. It takes about 3 hours to get to Yamagata Station.

figure 3

Figure 3: Times and fares to major stations from Haneda Airport in the Tokyo Area

figure 4

Figure 4: Route map from Haneda Airport to Tokyo Station

Domestic Flights from Haneda to Yamagata

There are domestic flights from Haneda Airport to Yamagata Airport. If your flight arrives at Haneda Airport in the morning it is possible to take a connecting flight to Yamagata the same day. The flight schedule for Yamagata Airport can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Yamagata Airport Website

From Sendai Airport

Sendai Airport is an international airport located near Yamagata Prefecture. There are flights available to and from Incheon/Seoul (Korea), Dalian (China), Beijing (China), Shanghai (China), Changchun (China), and Taipei (Taiwan). There is an Incheon/Seoul flight daily; however, the other flights are limited. If planning on flying to or from Sendai from one of the above listed locations please check necessary flight information.
Flight schedules are available at the website listed below.

Sendai Airport Website

It takes about 2 hours from Sendai Airport to Yamagata City. If traveling by train, take the Sendai Airport Access line for Sendai Station first, then from Sendai Station take the Senzan Line for Yamagata City.
See Figure 6 for a simple map of the train route connecting Sendai to Yamagata City.

figure 5

Figure 5: Access and Time from Sendai Airport to Yamagata

figure 6

Figure 6: Map of Sendai and Yamagata Region